• It all started in the summer of 2002 when Trinity, an over dressed and underpaid street blues singer from San Francisco joined forces with Parisian trans-punk-revolutioner, Shambhu. Fully equipped with liquid eyeliner, red lipstick, highheels, fishnets, hairspray, an acoustic guitar, a tamborine and a collecting box, the ladies set out to hit Berlins bars and trains in hopes to make a buck or two for kicks.
  • With their raunchy renditions of 50’s and 60’s Blues, Soul, Country and Punk songs like Boy and a Hot Rod, Funnel of Love, Faster Pussycat, etc. they managed to succesfully make enough cash to wine, dine, take taxis, and invest in material for new costumes, made by Shambhu. It wasn’t long before the dynamic duo would be invited to play as opening act in select underground clubs which graduated into their forming of the band.
  • One day Little Miss Luzifer(tm) would invite them to play as headlining band in a well visited east Berlin night club. Too embarassed to play acoustic in front of a big crowd, the Ladies called up a sixties guitarist, Robert Terkany, animal drummer, Rainer Baumgartner, as well as Rockabilly bassist, Luscios LLoyd Clark from Upstate New York to do practice once for what they assumed would be a one time only gig. Only that wasn’t the case. Lucky Friday the 13th of September 2002 a crowd made up of all walks of life showed up and were transformed into screaming fiends on their knees begging for more. This gig marked a promising beginning of a non-stop rock’n’roll massacre of every sleazy scene in town through the winter and into 2003 when Robert sadly went on his own way.
  • The core four knew it was too soon to call it quits and they sought out for a new guitarist. After a few rounds of trial and error they found their perfect match, Berlins Legendary guitarist Captain Tom Schwoll (Jingo de Lunch, Extrabreit, Kumpelbasis) and within a few sessions they developed a new and explosive sound which would bring them through a summer of open airs and apocalyptic picnics throughout Berlin and Thüringen alongside selling out shows in the Roter Salon, Big Eden, Rosi’s among others.
  • In the spring of 2004 the Ladies were adopted by friends at Trinity Concerts, Berlin and taken under a wing which would bring them on to even bigger and better shows. They played support for Dead Moon, The Misfits, Texas Terri Bomb, etc…
  • A French record label (which we won´t mention as not to curse ourselves) would take interest and encourage the band to get in studio with Alexander Hacke and Neubauten engineer Boris The Man to record their first 6 track EP. At the same time Rainer would get offers to do world tours with one San Francisco rock band while getting kidnapped by Portugals New Wave Punkers, Les Baton Rouge for a European tour which was too close to the Sin City studio time for comfort. A solution would have to come…
  • And it did! Out of the heart of Berlin came a madman drummer called Steve Machine (Terrorgruppe, Extrabreit, Barflies) who would pick up the more than 3 chord songs in no time. Bringing in a new element of harder, faster, punchy punkrock sound, as well as new inspiration for songs like Black Widow, A Letter to Daddy, and Cheerlaeder Fucker Blues they would take a run for the money and get those songs down, dirty, and recorded that September, just a month after Steves joining of the band.
  • Out of some damnation from who knows where, the French “partners” would get cold feet and step out of the deal, halfway through the proccess. The ladies were left with a half mixed EP in their laps and nothin to back it up…Still there is hope if you believe. Come Hell or high water that thing´ll be finished and out on the road for the Dwarves tour in March!
  • And that’s what brought the man-eating, ball-crushing, higher-heel-wearing, Ladies to where they are today: hot, rockin and ready to roll. The Sin City Circus Ladies are out to shake the flesh and bones of every witness in their path with a sinful sense of humor, on a mission from Planet Porn. Amen!