• June 10th – Howdy Friends and Fiends,
    Well, it’s been a long time ago since you’ve heard anything from us, and now we’re telling you why. Our mission has been aborted and we are leaving this world to return to Planet Porn. We will be coming back in a different form at an undetermined time and place, but the Sin City Circus Ladies will cease to exist in approximately two weeks.Sad but true. We want to thank all you who supported us and made our mission on your planet such a god damn good time and finally, we would like to invite you to our last show ever on the 24th of June at Tommy Weissbecker Haus, in tribute to our dear friends Damien & Monica, RIP

    Over and Out. Yours truly, The Sin City Circus Ladies

  • April 13th – Sorry that the guestbook is down, but we had to close it because of too much boring spam-crap. If you got something serious to say, just send the band an email.
  • February 28th – We got some CDs back in stock. It’s time to grab your copy, now.
  • December 7th – Two new Photo-Galleries are added in the Pix-Section. You can see some marvellous pix from touring with the smart Slim Jim Phantom and friends. All the best for you guys… We also added some pix from touring with The Queens Of The Stone Age. Uh what a hot summer we had this year!
  • December 6th – Press-Pix – Some Pictures for print on posters or in magazines to promote our gigs are now available in the Pix-Section. Take a look at these high-res goodies…
  • November 27th – Greetings to all the guys we met in Czechia and Switzerland. You were so lovely…
  • October 25th – SCCL 5 TRACK CDs are now available in Berlin at Downtown Records on Brunnenstr and Coretex on Orainienstr…BUY OR DIE!!!
  • October 10th – We would like to thank everyone who came to see us on the Spirit Tour and especially all the support we got from MAD SIN (especially Arvid), TURBO A.C.´s, SMOKEBLOW and THE HOTKNIVES…Keep on Rockin and support your local SINDICATE til the day you die!
  • We added some brandnew pictures of the Spirit Tour. Go, and check them out in the pix section!
  • September 13th – We are happy to announce that we will soon be joining forces with a fine young man named Gregor and his SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA!!! We finally found someone crazy enough to put out our debut record… To be released this coming Spring.
    Check out more sounds and info at sounds of subterrania
  • August 24th – Tom Schwoll took part at the recording-session of the new LongPlayer from Smoke Blow – a Bunch of guitar-obsessed child teachers from Kiel, Germany. The Guys had some fun at the Studio and got out a strolling hardhittin’ Floorfiller. Record-Release: 29th of August! Also seen on Board, Bela B. Felsenheimer.
  • August 11th – Some new shows are confirmed. We do two more concerts gigs with The Queens Of The Stone Age in Germany.
  • June 14th – The Tour with Slim Jim Phatom more in Germany is confirmed. It’s a great pleassure for us to play with such an classic. But Jim, beware we will rock ya xxx out!
  • May 20th – We are happy to announce some new gigs in september.We play on the Spirit-Tour more with: Mad Sin, Turbo A.C.’s and Smoke Blow. Check the Gigs-section for more details…
  • April 13th – Howdy, Fellows! Today The Sin City Circus Ladies present the Online-Premiere of the video “Pity That Your Dead”  And that’s not all folks! After watching the video you can hear one their last studio-recordings and read the lyrics.  Don’t hesitate any longer – just go on and do yourself a favor… Isn’t live beautifull sometimes?
  • March 25th – A big Hello to all the Fanatics we met on Tour! It was just a great pleasure to be with you. The success of our little European Tour refills the energy we need on the way to rock’n’roll heaven. (or was it hell?) Anyway, The Sin City Circus Ladies say Thank You for all your Love, Sweat and Wilderness, you gave to us.
  • February 28th – All you Desperates out there, the time is now. The Sin City Circus Ladies finished their Studio-Recording. And what have we got? A brillant 5-Track Baby stuffed with breathless Desire and the transpirant Power of Punk’n’Roll. Visit one of their gigs to safe yourself a copy of this unique Masterpiece. See ya in front of the Stage to Smell The Magic!
  • January 1st – Happy New Year!!! The Sin City Circus Ladies wish all of their friends good luck and all the best for 2005. You know who you are. We Love You!
  • In December they got the Tour-Dates confirmed. In Spring 2005 The Sin City Circus Ladies will go on Tour with the raunchy Dwarves. They will spend the last two weeks of March on several gigs in Germany. There will be one gig around your place, i guess. See you there!
  • In November the Ladies spended all of their rare and expensive time in the Multiple Noise Studio to record their first Long-Player.Hopefully the result will be available at your Record-Dealer in Spring 05.
  • In June they went under new management with friends from Berlins most notorious booking agency, Trinity Concerts and are now in the proccess of getting sponsorship from a French label to record their first 45 with original Punkabilly Garage hits like “I Lied”, “Break My Bones”, “Kill me First” and “That’s What You Get” to be released and on tour this fall.
  • In May they got the oppurtunity to open for the vicious Garage veterans, Dead Moon in front of a good thousand people at Maria am Ostbahnhof. They printed their first set of 50 T-shirts with siamese-skeleton-spider logo made by tatooist, Nigel Watt and sold out in two nights.
  • In January the band was invited to play live on Fritz Radio’s KEN FM Sunday show as Band of the Year, and got some air play during a documentary about The Cramps calling them Berlins answer to those infamous New York Voodoobilly Heroes.
  • In December 2003 they did a five day sci-fi music video shooting for original song “Pity That You’re Dead” with Videogirl from Paris
  • In August 2003 they were proposed by Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten to take some time in his Multiple Noise Studio to record a four track demo. He then presented The Ladies as his favorate newcomer band and took the Blues-Punk Song “Right Key” for the annual Popkompilation.